This certification focuses on Walmart Onsite Display advertising via the Walmart Ad Center and covers how to plan, launch and optimize campaigns.

Walmart Onsite Display ads appear on Walmart’s website on desktop and mobile, and on the Walmart app. These highly visual, precisely targeted digital ads can help advertisers build brand loyalty, promote new products, gain incremental revenue and convert new Walmart customers.

Advertisers can use Walmart Onsite Display to complement their Walmart Sponsored Search strategy and reach Walmart customers at more points along the purchase funnel. Onsite Display ads also help reach customers who do not convert from Sponsored Search and Brand ads. A Food & Consumables brand saw a 3x average increase in orders when using Sponsored Search and Display together.1 For advertisers with a physical presence in Walmart stores, Walmart Onsite Display can also help inspire in-store consideration and purchase.

Note: To use Walmart Onsite Display, the advertiser must be a Walmart supplier, or a Marketplace seller with at least one brand registered with the Walmart Brand Portal.*

*To access Walmart Onsite Display, a Marketplace seller must be a brand owner and must meet all the following criteria. 1) Based in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom, or a pre-approved seller in India. 2) Rights owner registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 3) Has at least one brand registered with the Walmart Brand Portal, Walmart’s intellectual property rights management platform.

Source: 1. Walmart first-party data from 2/1/23-7/31/23.