This certification focuses on Brand Shop and Shelf setup and management using the Shop Builder platform on Walmart Connect Ad Center and covers how to create, manage and report Brand Shop and Shelf pages.

Available to Walmart suppliers and Marketplace brand owners, you can build, launch and manage your own free, always-on virtual storefront, Brand Shop and Shelf, on Walmart’s site and app. Brand Shop and Shelf is a free way for brand owners to tell their brand story, promote products and help extend their reach. Brand Shop and Shelf pages can also be used as campaign landing pages for both Walmart Onsite Display and Sponsored Brands.

Note: To use Brand Shop and Shelf, the advertiser must be a Walmart supplier or a Marketplace seller with at least one brand registered with the Walmart Brand Portal or Item 360.*

*To access Brand Shop and Shelf, a Marketplace seller or Walmart supplier must be a brand owner and must meet all the following criteria. 1) Based in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom, or a pre- approved seller in India. 2) Rights owner registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 3) Has at least one brand registered with Item 360 (Suppliers) or the Walmart Brand Portal (Sellers), Walmart’s intellectual property rights management platform. 4) Have at least six items/products in-stock, specifically six base product SKUs.